Hario V60 Clear Plastic Brewer
Hario V60 Clear Plastic Brewer
Hario V60 Clear Plastic Brewer

Hario V60 Clear Plastic Brewer

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Simply put, this is a classic cone-shaped brewer with raised edges that aid in proper flow. While there is a range of other models made in different materials, we prefer this one right here, made of clear plastic.

That's right... plastic. It may not look like the most luxurious brewing device but hey... looks aren't everything! While it's not made of the prettiest material, plastic has little to no thermal conductivity, allowing your coffee slurry to maintain a more stable temperature, leading to better extraction. 

Complete the set:
Pair this with Hario size 02 paper filters and the 600ml Glass Server.

To ensure the coffee you order is as fresh as possible, all orders are shipped whole bean, according to our roasting schedule. If your order is placed by 5pm EST on Wednesday it will be shipped on Thursday. If your order is placed after 5pm EST on Wednesday, it will fall into the next week's roasting schedule and will be shipped the following Wednesday

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