Pumpkinhead Halloween Blend
Pumpkinhead Halloween Blend
Pumpkinhead Halloween Blend

Pumpkinhead Halloween Blend

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Our first ever Halloween blend, inspired by the eerie tale of PUMPKINHEAD! Legend has it, a young coffee roaster in a historic Burlington, NJ was roasting coffee one late October evening many years ago. After completing the final batch and closing down the roastery, he put on his bright orange helmet and hopped onto his motorcycle to head home. The bike's headlight sliced through the thick foggy air, illuminating everything in front of him. He approached a bright red stop sign, came to a full stop at the four-way intersection, and checked his watch-- 11:59pm. As he revved the engine to cross, out of nowhere a vehicle came barreling through its own designated stop sign, striking the coffee roaster. His helmet hit the pavement, scratching, scuffing, and leaving the marks of a jack o'lantern face. He may have survived, had the driver of the vehicle not taken off to flee the scene. Police were called to the scene in the morning by a panicked passerby. The roaster was pronounced dead upon their arrival. 

Ever since, a ghostly figure has been known to haunt the city every October, eventually becoming known to the locals as "Pumpkinhead". Each night throughout the month, at exactly 11:59pm, Pumpkinhead taunts those on the road who he suspects may have lead to his demise. If you're driving at this hour, hear the rev of a motorcycle engine, and suddenly smell the scent of roasting coffee... check your rearview mirror. You might just see a headlight, chasing you down. Once you leave Burlington, you're safe! But don't dare pull over until you've left the city... 

Free Pumpkinhead sticker with every purchase! Online only. 

Always remember to WATCH FOR MOTORCYCLES!

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