Sanremo Zoe 2grp Espresso Machine White

Sanremo Zoe 2grp Espresso Machine White

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Zoe Tall Features

The Zoe Tall features an adjustable drip tray with a 5 2/4” cup clearance. The boiler has a large 10-liter capacity and features electronic auto-level technology and a probe that maintains an accurate filling level in the boiler so your barista's workflow is never interrupted. The machine is also equipped with a shot timer that accurately and reliably times coffee extractions. This is a great espresso machine that is both aesthetically pleasing and great for productivity.

  • The broiler is automatically filled and maintained to the right filling level via the electronic level probe.
  • Activated electronic pre-infusion.
  • The double reading gauge allows control of the boiler pressure and the distribution pressure at the same time.
  • Fast access to the internal parts makes technical service easy.
  • Automatic cleaning cycle for coffee group cleaning.
  • LED work light area to accommodate any work environment regardless of the lighting situation.

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