Coffee and Dessert Pairings: Pairing Evermore Coffee with Holiday Treats

Coffee and Dessert Pairings: Pairing Evermore Coffee with Holiday Treats

Dec 22, 2017Evermore Coffee Roasters

From something rich and chocolatey to tart and fruity, there’s a coffee that will pair perfectly with your favorite holiday dessert. 

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First thing first: The setup. Heat filtered water in a kettle, bringing it to your desired brewing temperature. We brew most of our coffees at 210 degree fahrenheit. While the water is heating up, place your Hario brewer upright on either a mug or coffee server. Then, line the brewer with one Hario paper filter.

Before you get to grinding your coffee, pre-wet that filter! To do this, pour some water from the kettle over the filter paper, fully saturating the filter. This servers two purposes: it pre-heats the brewing device and mug below, while also helping to minimize the taste of paper from impacting the flavor of your coffee. 

THe BLoom

Once your water has reached your desired temperature... you're ready to brew! Grind 22 grams of Evermore Coffee to a medium grind (if using the Baratza Encore, we recommend starting at Grind Setting 10 and adjusting as needed).

Before we start our first pour, take a chopstick or any similar device and make a divot in the center of the coffee bed. 

Make sure everything is tared and then start your time and pour in the center, and ride the bloom out toward the edges until you reach 74g. Next take a small spoon and stir the coffee slurry by making a downward, left to right, and diagnol motion. 

Wait until the timer displays 45s


Final Pour

At 45s Pour 300g of water over the coffee slurry, making sure to pour in concentric cirlces focusing on any dark areas and maintaining a consistant pour height (tip: try rocking your body instead of moving your arm). 

The Spin

After you finish your final pour you want to grab the V60 and do a slight spin motion (use the image as a reference)

This helps to eliminate the possible channeling created by pouring the water into the coffee slurry, thus ensuring we get an flat bed and even extraction.  



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Walter Nguyen


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Fred Sims

Physical teacher

Millions of people world wide watch shows like “Who wants to be a Millionaire” or “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”. The interesting thing is that everyone sitting on the couch with a bag of popcorn watching these shows are broke. Why? Because they are famous for sitting back and watching shows on other people being famous. How about we flick the switch in life from famous to focused. Stop dreaming of other people being famous and start being focused on your own destiny!

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Emma Greer


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Ann Vasquez


One of my favourite things I like to watch is the bloopers and outtakes that are shown of mistakes made during the making of a movie. Most DVD’s have a section of outtakes to be viewed, and often they will set me off laughing, especially when you know what was supposed to happen. In one sense it seems strange to laugh at other people’s mistakes, and yet we all do it, and our enjoyment is not usually of malicious intent. We laugh because we can all relate and identify how much part of being human such bloopers are!

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Tony Holland

Store Manager

Have you noticed how everybody takes it for granted a bad experience is automatically, unreservedly, unremittingly bad?It’s almost a given that winners only become winners after overcoming huge difficulties. And they overcome because they keep trying, keep learning how to control their own thinking until they become very good at it.

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Cory Bailey


Yet our age increases with every day of our life. The fast pace of the world around us in fact makes us age faster. But, it is important to retain our youthful vigor, for it is only with young passion and energy that we can work towards success, enjoy a peaceful, healthy life, indulge ourselves in the pleasure of sex, and keep ourselves happy.

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Acaia Pearl Coffee Scale - Evermore Coffee Roasters
Acaia Pearl Coffee Scale - Evermore Coffee Roasters
Acaia Pearl Coffee Scale - Evermore Coffee Roasters

Acaia Pearl Coffee Scale