Sumatra Aceh Ketiara

This selection is sourced from Royal Coffee NY, and comes from the a small group of members of the Ketiara Cooperative. While the coffee industry in this area is predominantly dominated by men, may of the producers within this cooperative are women who have unfortunately lost their husbands during the civil war in 2003. Many grow other crops, such as oranges, chili, avocado, and lemongrass. Once picked, the coffee cherries are delivered to the Ketiara Coop for wet-hulling and dry milling. 

The terroir, processing, and roasting make this coffee a great selection for fans of a full-bodied cup. It is currently our darkest and most developed roast, with notes of rich dark chocolate, syrupy molasses, and sweet-meets-spicy anise seed. It stands up well to cream and sugar, with a heavy mouthfeel with low acidity. 

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