Kenya Thunguri Estate

Region: Nyeri County
Elevation: 1744 MASL
Producer: Thunguri Estate
Varietal: Sl28, Ruiru 11, Batian
Process: Natural

From the importer, Royal Coffee NY
Kenya Thunguri Estate comes from a group of small scale specialty coffee farmers in Nyeri County, Kenya. These specialty coffee farmers handpick the ripe cherries and deliver directly to Thunguri. At Thunguri Estate, the cherries are hand-sorted and dried under natural sunlight on raised beds with frequent turning. At this stage, the coffee attains its characteristic natural red wine flavours with fruity, sweet and honey notes. After drying, they are then delivered to the dry mill for milling, bagging and export. Thunguri Factory is located at on the slopes of Mt. Kenya, Mukurwereini area in Nyeri county, with astonishing views of theAberdare mountain range. It was started in the year 1979 by small scale farmers who previously had to travel over 10km to the nearest factory. Since then, Thunguri has grown substantially. In 2022, the factory had a production of 94361.5kgs of cherry and a total of 425 small scale farmers, 278 male and 147 female.

What is Natural Process Coffee? Natural process, also known as dry process, is a method of processing that involves drying the coffee cherries while leaving the fruit of the coffee intact. This process originated in regions where access to reliable water is limited, where rain is infrequent, and where humidity is low. Today, however, natural processing occurs in many coffee growing countries and is known to lead to fruit-forward flavors.