Guatemala Concepcion Pixcaya

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Region: Huehuetenango
Elevation: 1900 MASL 
Producer: Conpeción Pixcayá
Process: Washed
Certifications: Direct Trade

Rich, tantalizing, and steeped in a legacy that dates back to 1926. We're excited to share the latest addition to Evermore's line-up... Guatemala Concepciom Pixcaya. 

Founded by Mr. Carlos Mirón Armas and Mrs. Maria Muñoz de Mirón, this family-owned farm flourished through four generations, and is now under the stewardship of Mr. Manuel Zaghi Mirón and his mother, Mrs. Maria Cristina Mirón de Zaghi. Nestled amidst the landscapes of Guatemala, this farm benefits from its high altitude and cool climate, fostering the perfect conditions for cultivating the finest coffee beans alongside macadamia nuts and lush forests of cipress and pine.

Quality reigns supreme at this family-owned farm, upheld through stringent quality controls and sustainable practices. Under the watchful eye of Mr. Zaghi, every step of the coffee production is meticulously executed, from handpicking each bean to environmentally conscious depulping processes and sun-drying techniques.

Their dedication to excellence has been recognized both locally and internationally, with accolades such as being nominated as the best reforestation farm in Guatemala by the FAO and achieving the 20th place in the prestigious Cup of Excellence in 2011. With a scientific approach to coffee cultivation, they have identified the Borbón varietal as the epitome of flavor, meticulously replanting our entire farm with seeds selected from the finest coffee trees within the estate. Experience the culmination of tradition, expertise, and passion in every cup.

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