Ethiopia Sidamo Guji Shakiso

Region: Oromia
Elevation: 1650 MASL
Washing Station: Sidamo
Varietal: Ethiopian Heirloom
Process: Natural

From our trade partners, Royal Coffee NY: There are few entrances to Guji--a distant and heavily forested swath of land stretching southeast through the lower corner of the massive Oromia region--and none of these routes are short, or for the queasy, in any way. Guji is heavy with primary forest thanks to the Guji tribe, a part of Ethiopia’s vast and diverse Oromo nation, who have for generations organized to reduce mining and logging outfits where they can, in a struggle to conserve the land’s sacred canopy. And yet the unmatched natural surroundings can be a hardship for farmers bringing coffee to market. Approximately 700 small farm holders bring cherry to the Shakiso washing station averaging about 2 hectares of land each.

What is Natural Process Coffee? Natural process, also known as dry process, is a method of processing that involves drying the coffee cherries in the sun while leaving the fruit of the coffee intact. This process originated in regions where access to reliable water is limited, where rain is infrequent, and where humidity is low. Today, however, natural processing occurs in many coffee growing countries.After the cherries are picked, they are sorted through to remove the less dense cherries. The remaining cherries are then laid out in the sun on patios or raised beds. Tarps are often used to control how much sunlight they receive, preventing them from drying out too quickly. The cherries are raked and turned over throughout the day to prevent spoiling. All of this helps the coffee to maintain fruity and winey flavor notes, which come naturally from the cherry that surrounds the bean.

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