Ethiopia Nano Genji No. 8

Region: Oromia
Washing Station: Nano Genji
Varietal: Landraces
Altitude: 1900-2200 MASL
Process: Washed

For our fourth year in a row, we’re excited to share this exquisite certified organic selection. This beautiful coffee is among the most highly-sought out coffees from its region, coming from the Nano Genji mill of western Ethiopia. Nano Genji is the sister mill of the acclaimed Nano Challa mill. Established in 2009, Nano Challa became so successful that they eventually opened up Nano Genji to meet the needs of farmers throughout the region. This selection in particular, comes from micro lot number 12, with unique characteristics from other coffees coming from the Nano Genji mill.

This coffee is truly a treat for those who prefer a lighter body with sweet acidity and fruity complexity. It’s just as bright and peachy as previous years, with a unique sugar cane natural sweetness that grows even deeper as the cup cools. Plus, mild fruity characteristics of cantaloupe and papaya. This coffee is high in sweetness and wonderful for the spring and summer seasons.

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