El Salvador Santa Josefita

This is our second time purchasing coffee from Finca Santa Josefita and it boasts such as much complexity and fruitiness as we remember. A natural process, this coffee is full of delicate flavors-- sharply sweet strawberry, mildly floral almond, and balanced sweet-acidic red apple.

Finca “Santa Josefita” is named after the first owner of the farm which this coffee comes from, established in 1932. The farm is currently owned and managed by Lima y Socios, a family business with many years of experience in coffee production, with a majority of the varietals grown on the farm being Bourbon and Pacamara. Finca Santa Josefita is certified by the Rainforest Alliance, which observes the environmental, economic and social aspects of the coffee production. The farm conserves a natural rain forest, which is hundreds of years old and serves as a habitat for many diverse animal species.

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