Colombia Restrepo "Bubble Gum"

This coffee is an anaerobic natural processed coffee, which is just a scientific way of saying that this coffee was processed without the presence of oxygen. This particular lot underwent a two step fermentation method; after the first shorter fermentation, the coffee was thermally shocked (quickly cooled) before beginning the second longer fermentation at lower temperature. The benefit of this type of processing is that it produces very distinct acids, such as lactic acid which gives the final product a unique and very fruit forward flavor. This coffee was exported/imported by Forest Coffee, and can be considered direct trade. The coffee is from the the Calda region from the town of Chinchina, and produced by the Restrepo family. Their farm, "El Jardin," is run by Juan Felipe, who is a second generation coffee producer that spent time studying to become a process specialist, which has been integral in their success at carrying out innovative processing techniques. Their farm is located near the farm "El Virgil," which is owned and operated by the Shady, one of the owners/founders of Forest Coffee.

The unique nickname "Bubble Gum" comes from Shady himself, who nicknames his coffees as a way to keep them distinct right from the start. Given this coffee's unique processing method, we recommend utilizing a flat bottom brewer, such as the Stagg X, Espro, or Kalita wave. We find that the flat bottom brewers produces a cup with balanced sweetness and acidity. However, if you would like to accentuate the acidity that this coffee brings to the table, we would recommend utilizing a plastic V60

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