Colombia Huila Yesid Galindo El Ventilador

Region: Huila
Farm: El Ventilador
Elevation: 1600 MASL
Processing Method: Natural Anaerobic
Varietal: Pink Bourbon

From our trade partners, Royal Coffee NY: El Ventilador is a 11 hectare specialty coffee farm located 1600 meters above sea level in Pitalito, Colombia. Yesid Galindo has owned El Ventilador for over 30 years. He named the farm El Ventilador, the fan, since the farm gets a good amount of wind through the entire year. Yesid Galindo employs 10 people throughout year and up to 30 people during harvest. Yesid previously only produced washed coffees, however, he has recently expanded to producing anaerobic coffees as well.Processing for this anaerobic pink bourbon is done at the El Ventilador. This lot is processed over 5 days in a slow fermentation to give more intense flavors while still maintaining the varietal profile.

What is Washed Process Coffee? Washed processing, also known as wet processing, is a method that involves removing the fruit layers of the coffee cherry before drying. Traditionally, water is used to wash off the skin and mucilage of the cherry. First, the coffee is sorted through to remove any damaged or unripe cherries. From there, the skin of the fruit is removed, down to the mucilage layer. The fruits are then fermented in large water tanks for up to 24 hours, during which time the mucilage layer is broken down. After fermentation, the beans are washed, removing the mucilage layer. Finally, the beans are dried, typically on patios in the sun. Because the sugars of the mucilage layer have been removed, washed coffees tend to have a very “clean” flavor, with fresh acidity. 

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